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ELITE PRO NUTRITION Marks It’s Second Anniversary

ELITE PRO NUTRITION Marks It’s Second Anniversary




Elite Pro Nutrition (EPN) is a nutritional supplement company for cross training and high performing fitness enthusiasts and athletes.  2016 marks its second year in business for the Singapore-based company.

Singapore—Today’s fitness enthusiasts have more information and products at their disposal than at any other time in history.  With so much known about the body, scientists are now able to deliver products that can target the body’s various metabolic organs and aid in their performance.  Elite Pro Nutrition (EPN) is a retailer of sports supplements.  The company has curated from a host of products to get the best products on the market.  For this reason, EPN works exclusively with top brands like Nutriforce Sports and Betancourt Nutrition.  As the company enters into its second year, the future looks bright.

“We are very excited about the reception we’ve received this year,” says Mr. Vejaiyan of EPN.  “People have decided to get moving, get healthier, and push themselves and their bodies harder than before.  Possibly, the rise in Spartan challenge type shows have contributed to this crossfit movement or perhaps the research about the health effects of ‘cubicle living’—whichever, we are certainly not only selling this supplements but receiving inquiries about health and wellness.”

The company plans to continue with sales of their current line and looks to increasing their products within the year.  However, they wish to maintain a structure of providing only those products which have been highly rated by customers, and those which conform to cross fitness and workout intensive lifestyles.  All EPN sports nutrition brands have been thoroughly vetted for efficacy and their individual proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.  The company makes any and all decisions on products based on prior use and the athletes endorsing them.

“We supply both energy boosters and recovery complexes,” says Ms. Rathna of EPN.  “High performing athletes require both to maintain their fitness program.   Without these types of products it’s much harder to achieve the results our customers are looking for.  They need that extra ‘push’ or energy boost to keep going when their body is saying to stop, and that’s where the real fitness gains are made. “

The company invites questions and asks anyone who is curious about the product to use their Contact Us form on the website or email at


Elite Pro Nutrition (EPN) Pte Ltd

is a one-stop sports nutrition portal for the bona fide fitness enthusiast. With health, fitness and sportsmanship as the three key pillars of the company, we seek to redefine physical limitation

News 2015

"Get that beautiful bod..." The New Paper, 6 June 2015

"Do we have a Date...?" Visit us at Sports & Fitness Asia 2015. Booth C2-2

We look forward to seeing with just a simple "Hi!" :-D



"The Games have begun..." ELITE 2015 presented by EPN

ELITE 2015 is a brand new sports event to find truly fit people in Singapore.

Presented by Elite Pro Nutrition, the competition offers the true test of fitness covering, functional fitness, cardiovascular tenacity, endurance, pure strength, gymnastics, and movement. This takes place over two qualifying rounds culminating in a Grand Final, all to be held at Bugis Junction.

Fo more info, visit:

EPN is proud to be the official nutrition sponsor for the Brapp Brothers Team

Braap Brothers just signed our sponsorship deal with Elite Pro Nutrition, who brings Nutriforce Sports and Betancourt Nutrition. And especially for multi-day races, the most important engine is the rider!

Thanks for believing in us, and we're super stoked to be working together!

EPN is proud to be the official nutrition sponsor for the Brapp Brothers Team on their training regime to compete in Endurance races. Intense and endurance performance are required and we are pleased to support with NutriForce Sports and Betancourt Nutrition supplements for their power races in July 2015.

We wish them every success and trust they will do EPN proud!

EPN 64th SAA Cross Country Championships 2015

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Celeb Mike Kasem

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Elite Pro Nutrition (EPN Pte Ltd) is the exclusive distributor for two sought after brands - NutriForce Sports and Betancourt Nutrition. The Company offers a wide range of sports nutrition for both brands to cater for the intense performance of athletes.

EPN prides itself in bringing the established brands from the United States that are proven and endorsed by famous athletes. The Company not only focus on intense performance and competition, but a total lifestyle of fitness and wellness towards all fitness enthusiasts.

EPN made its debut in Singapore in June 2014 and is currently located at 1008 Toa Payoh North, Singapore. Its services include easy online purchases with free local delivery.