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Type of Sports: Powerlifting
Name: Derrick Kim
Age: 31
Birthday: Nov 1983
Height: 1.69m
Weight: 75 kg

Occupation: Club General Manager


2007 : Singingapore Strongest Man - 2nd Runner-up (tie)
2014 : Singapore National Open Olympic Weightlifting Champion 2014
2011-2015 : 5-time Singapore National Powerlifting Champion and Best Overall Lifter
2015 : IPF World Powerlifting Championships, Salo (Finland) - Rank 7
8 years National Powerlifter/Ex National Olympic Weightlifter with mulitple National Records for Olympic Weightlifting Total in Clean and Jerk, Snatch Total and Powerlifting Total in Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. 

About me

Over 10 years of health and Fitness Training experience
Certified International Weightlifting Federation Coach - Singapore Weightlifting Federation
Club weightlifiting/Sports Power Coach program - Australian Weightlifting Federation
Certified International Powerlifting Federation Coach - Powerlifting Singapore
On Nutrition
Sports nutrition is very important as it aids in the recovery process
Don't waste calories on unhealthy food, have fun eating the right stuff. 
Keep your head down and keep on trudging.