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Personal Information
Name Mike Skokic Offseason 250-260
Age 31 In season 215-220
Height 5'11"    

NPC Heavy Weight & Army Veteran

  • NPC AZ Open 2010: Middle Weight Novice 4th
  • Armed Forces 2010: Light Heavy Weight 1st
  • NPC Border States 2011: Light heavy weights 2nd
  • NPC South Texas Showdown 2013: Heavyweight 2nd

I was born and raised in Vancouver Canada, and moved to the USA when I was 18. I got into lifting & bodybuilding at the age of 20. I joined the Army in 2006 and while I was in, I became a Master Fitness Instructor for my company and soldiers. I have been competing ever since and have built a following on my social media sites as well as a reputation for myself within my community of Arizona and Dallas