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Type of Sports: CrossFit
Name: Tricia Christabel Tan Zhao Xuan
Age: 27
Birthday: Aug 1988
Height: 1.63m
Weight: 69 kg

Occupation: Business Development Manager

2015: Elite SG Fittest 2015 - Weightlifting 1st, Individual 2nd
2015: Absolute Throwdown - Team 3rd
2014: Battle Royale, Brunei - Individual 2nd
2014: CrossFit X45, Sabah - Indiviual 1st
2014: HK Downtown Throwdown 2014 - Individual 2nd
2014: CrossFit Asia Regionals Team Qualifier
2013: CrossFit Asia regionals Team Qualifier
About me
Played badminton competively from age 11 to 21; representing schools and clubs, and youth teams.
Started Crossfit 2 years later at age 23 in 2012.
Took awhile to understand about Crossfit until the first opens in 2013 that it became a sport and passion.
The Crossfit community and boxes are the main reasons why I love Crossfit.
Trains 4 times a week consisting mainly on metabolic conditioning work.

Do go through strength cycles too and put in extra efforts for gymnastics as it is a weakness.

On Nutrition
Currently not following any diet, but watch the intakes of carb and sugar. Subsitudes sugar for natural sweeteners such as honey.
Ensuring enough greens and no unhealthy overly fried food.
Crossfit has taught me to be patient with myself. 
Initial gains can reach a plateau and can be frustrating. Keep grinding and time will tell. 
End of the day, slow progress is lasting progress.
Thereis no such thing as weakness, everything is work in progress.