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Type of Sports: Bodybuilding/Men's Physique
Name: Zameer Malik
Age: 28
Birthday: Dec 1986
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 75 kg

Occupation: Fitness Club Manager

Fitness Ironman 2015 (Physique) - HomeTeamNS - 2nd runner up


About me
Fun, Easy and Outgoing person. Fitness has been my favourite hobby since my National Service days.
Besides fitness, I also do BMX and surfing during my free time or when travelling. 
My journey has been very fruitful in all aspects on these sports and will continue to do so.

Currently my main goal is to be Champion of my category and to step on stage at the Olympia.

On Nutrition
My supplements are very basic like, protein, BCAAs, Amino acids, Creatine, Omega3, Multi-vitamins, and pre-workouts.

I believe nutrition has a big part in my progress.

I'm still on a semi-diet whereby I still eat clean but still enjoy other food.
Workout everyday and sometimes twice a day if time permits.
Enjoy hard training days and keep doing what you love by working hard.
Hard work pays off!