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EPN Athletes Bio
Type of Sports: Bodybuilding (Women's Bikini)
Name: Nadiah A.J
Age: 25
Birthday: April 1990
Height: 1.57m
Weight: 52 kg

Occupation: Sports & Health Trainer

2015 : Muscle and Fitness War
2015 : Singapore National Weekends (SFMS) 
            Bikini Class A - Champion
            Bikin Overall - 1st Runner up 


About me
Trained in Judo since the age of 13 and competed in various National Schools Championship.
Studied Physical Education and Sports Science. Focus on "Strength and Conditioning" module.
In 2013, enrolled in a gym and spend 4 to 6 times a week to destress from school and work.

Did not have a Personal Trainer and picked up bodybuilding knowledge through tips, research and literatures.

On Nutrition
Whey protein protein is a great on-the-go supplement. Helps me to prevent grabbing pseudo-healthy convenient snacks like sandwiches. 
Many may not realize that the fat laden and high sodium content (e.g. mayonaise, butter, ham) of some of the sandwiches. 
Whey also helps to meet my daily protein requirement.
Preparing your own meals makes eating healthy more convenient and less costly.
Women should not be afraid to do strength training. Strength training helps to build muscles and burns fat simultaneously.
Every individual has the potential to excel, we sometimes just lack the knowledge or determination, or both!