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Personal Information
Name Andrew Jordan Houchins Offseason 256
Born March 11, 1994 In season 205-210
Age 19    
Height 5"9    

NPC Bodybuilder

My first bodybuilding show was just a small local Philadelphia show called the W.p.f Mr. Philadelphia Classic where I won overall. It was a small show for experience and too loosen up to being on stage. When I was on stage that it felt natural for me to be there!

What got me into lifting was a neighborhood buddy I had when I was 17 I met him he lived around the corner from and he got me into running on the bike trail and being active outside. He had weights in his basements and at first I wasn't really into the idea of it. Then one day we were just hanging out and he disappeared. I remember I couldn't even bench a 45 on each side the first time I tried and ever since then I've been hooked. I got my license a few days before Christmas when I was 17 and the day I got it was the day I joined the gym and I haven't looked back ever since! I love what I do and want to inspire people younger than me too chase their dream and never let anything bring them down!